Marketing and Web Analytics

We bring warm leads to your sales team generating strong sales pipelines.

Marketing and Web Analytics

Inbound Marketing

Attract, convert, close deals and make happy clients is what we do.
Step by step

  1. Understand what is happening and why you don’t sale what you expect to sale.
  2. Built and define the project.
  3. Design the customer experience (Customer journey, interviews, observation, collaborative workshops, keywords, buyer personas, service design, design thinking).
  4. Graphic design, prototyping on paper and digital
  5. Implementation (Website, templates, forms, landing pages, call to actions blogs, content resources, workflows, sequences, marketing automation, content personalization, A/B Testing, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO)
  6. Web Analytics, dashboards and optimization.


We take your e-commerce to the next level.

  1. Monthly or camping execution
  2. Online payments (Payu, PSE, Paypal, entre otros).
  3. System integration
  4. Tracking
  5. Marketing automation and email marketing automation
  6. Personalization
We have experience in retail, car parts and apparel.
We think globally and that’s why our agency Estructurando works with to generate international buyers.


Workshops focus on sales through inbound marketing consulting
Some workshops:

  1. How to cold call
  2. How to define automatic sequences of emails
  3. How to sell using LinkedIn
  4. How to sell using Facebook and Instagram  
  5. Learn to generate value in each call.


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