Software Development and IT

We develop, integrate and implement custom software and business applications under agile methodologies.
We help Kentico, Hubspot, Oracle and Sitecore partners or clients.

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Software Development and IT

Consulting services

Professional consulting services to generate accurate RFP's. Under Agile methodologies SCRUM and Service Level Agreement’s. We are located in Bogotá Colombia great time zone for the US and Latam markets. Good English level and experienced project managers located in Boston, Massachusetts. We use Atlassian and Jira. 

System integration services

We connect applications so they can exchange real time information. Generating secured and fast services to create dashboards (BI) and make decision smarter.

Program management, functional and testing services.

Software architecture

 We strive to help our clients align their technology innovation and software architecture to scale fast and efficiently. Our compromise and discipline to documented each part of the process help us to deliver services around the world. We use Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure y 1&1.

Custom made applications

We have acquired good experience developing custom made apps. Our team of certificated professionals, projects managers PMI, strategists, technical engineers, functional engineers and support engineers, have the ability of interpret and document with high precision your requirements and make them work.

CMS - Content management systems

We love to talk about CMS and take big advantages of them to deploy multichannel personalized experiences. We like to work with top CMS platforms named by Gartner y Forrester like Kentico CMS, Kentico EMS, Sitecore, Wordpress, Drupal CMS, Magnolia and Oracle.

Mobile apps

We develop native mobile applications for iOS and Android or hybrid using frameworks and platforms like Ionic.

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